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New Project Requests


Use this form to submit a tattoo request for New Projects. See the details in the form for additional information on what types of projects I am currently taking on. For general questions please feel free to email, however, all work requests including design questions, scheduling/availability questions, and consultation requests are replied to in the order the project information is received.

-If you are having difficulty using the form, please use the below questions as a template and include all the information in an email request, with "New Project Request" in the subject line.

-This form is for New Projects and New Requests, if you have ongoing or unfinished work started by me that you need to schedule a session for, need to cancel an existing appointment, reschedule a previously canceled appointment, touch up questions, aftercare questions and any other correspondence regarding existing work by me, including currently scheduled appointments/consultations, please use my direct email for those inquires.

-If your design/tattoo project request does not fit into any of the criteria outlined below for my current scheduling, please feel free to check out the "WaitList "option I. have available for possible future last-min openings with me for small designs needing 3 hours or less. The link to the form with more info can be found on my main page.

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