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"WaitList" Queue


-This form is for my "Wait List' ONLY. Please do NOT fill out this form in addition to a "New Work Request Form" if you already have a valid pending request or scheduling email AND are waiting for a reply on scheduling or a consultation. (Unless you have been instructed to do so by me, via email, or at a recent consultation.)

-This form is intended for clients who wish to remain in a queue to be contacted for a last-min opening specifically for projects for which I am NOT currently offering scheduling options for. DO fill out a form if you would like to be in the queue for last min openings for things like typography/script, lettering, small designs under 3 in, or other minimal, and low prep-time designs that are not included in my info on my "New Work Request Form".


If you are interested in a tattoo that I currently do NOT offer "By-Appointment" scheduling for, and would like to be contacted in the event that I have a last min opening, cancellation opening, or other spontaneous ability to take your request, fill out the form below. When these unplanned openings occur in my schedule, I will offer the openings to those who have a pending wait list request form with me, in the order they are in the queue. "Waitlist" clients will be contacted via email where possible, and by phone when needed and will remain on the list until they are accommodated, or you may email me with a request to be removed from the list. 


-"WaitList" is not a fast track to regular appointment openings. Regular scheduling availability and options will only be available to approved and accepted  "New Work Request" based on the current types of projects I am working on and can accommodate with my schedule. See the "New Work Request Form" for regular scheduling inquiries.

-"WaitList" does not guarantee an appointment or a time frame for when the last min opening will be available.

-"WaitList" may NOT be used for gaining an earlier appointment if you already have a current appointment scheduled.

-"WaitList" does NOT guarantee that your design or tattoo idea is tattooable, or that I will take the requested subject matter, or accompanying details of the request.

-"WaitList" openings' contact will generally be at least 48 hours in advance with no more than 7 days' notice. "Wait List" length can generally be several months or longer.

-"WaitList" openings will be for time blocks of 3 hours or less, and for small designs, with minimal prep required. The "WaitList" is not for large time blocks.

-A modest deposit will be required to claim the "WaitList" opening when it is made available to you. NO fees are required to remain in the queue.

-This is NOT a mailing list, and your information is for contacting you in regards to an opening, or additional questions about your request.

-General questions can be referred to my email on my main page.

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