3 things you might not know about Golden Sage.

Welcome to the inaugural Golden Sage Blog!
We wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about us and what makes Golden Sage unique.

Thank you to everyone whose been a part us from the start, and welcome to those who are joining us.

It's no secret that the world of tattooing is not so much an underground enterprise any more. The dark days of seedy places, bad reputations, and novelty grade work have hung on the industrie's coattails for decades, and now theres a new variety of limelight shining on the world of body art. It's meant opportunity for many people, and in many ways, has helped to push tattoo artists and studios in a new direction. Today the world is beginning to embrace tattooing as a legitimate profession, and is a welcomed artistic outlet for creatives.

Golden Sage was born into the idea that a tattoo studio could function in a way that honored what our forefathers of tattooing had built our foundation with, where we could truly inhabit and enjoy our roles as artists and creators, and also provide space and an environment in which we help the tattoo community to grow in a positive and responsible way. We've created a business model that is designed to give both our artists and our clients the best possible environment, experience, and tattoos, and results in allowing tattooing to be what its meant to be. An amazing part of our lives!

Here's three great facts you might not know about us!

1. Did you know, Golden Sage is built on a "Not for Profit" business model?

People told us we were crazy. "If it's not for profit, its called a charity." they said. Call it what you like, but the objective of Golden Sage is to support our artists, not its profit margin.

When many of us were in school, we were told that art was not a responsible career option. Art was for the wealthy, the elite, and for most of us, art careers were doomed to be struggling freelancers, and starving artists. What could be further from the truth! Art and creative expression is in everything that surrounds us. We wanted to nurture careers in art, and tattooing. The old ways of studios have made that challenging. They are set up like most businesses, to benefit one person financially and leave those who work for it to pull most of the weight, where they are often left supporting it for very little compensation. High demands, and low returns.

What makes tattooing so unique is that its largely a creative trade. Its a skill set, a creative following, and its a career that grows with its artisan.

People told us we were crazy. "If it's not for profit, its called a charity" they said.

Heres how we work specifically. Our artists are all independent contractors. That means that they work for them selfs as self employed artists. They each have space with the studio in which to work in their own manner as creative entrepreneurs. Similar to traditional studios, a portion of their income from tattooing goes to the studio to pay for materials, utilities, and our studio's operational expenses, but its limited to only cost of operation at Golden Sage.

Here, we're all about supporting each other, having great space in which we can grow together, and help to make careers that our artists can enjoy making a living from.

2. Did you know, Golden Sage is home to many types of diversity?

Arts and cultures can some times be synonymous with each other. Every person and every artist has led a completely unique path in life. Humanity has many ways of being, and ways of living, making the world full of people expressing and sharing that reflection of what they love and relate to in many ways.