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Events and pac-tivity page

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What is a Pac-tivity?...
We've curated creative based community events that you can attend to help support, and foster positive vibes in, People, Art, and Communities- "PAC"s.  join the Golden Sage "PAC", for upcoming events below!  

We'll include event details such as dates and times when we have them scheduled in our calendar.



Were hosting a laid back group design activity at the studio! 

Join us for an evening of designing and applying a hand tattoo on your own mannequin hand. Sign up to reserve a spot and hand. Pizza, Hands, and assorted Sharpie markers will be provided at the studio.

Attendees are welcome to bring any additional art materials they would like to use, and a floor cushion. Space is limited.








Join us for a traditional skilled Craft!

Pysanki is the traditional art of Ukranian egg dying. Beautiful unique designs adorn delicate egg shells, thru a multi layering technique of wax and traditional dyes. Join us and reserve a space to partake! Eggs, tools, Dyes and all materials will be provided in the studio.

Please bring your awesome creative ideas, and a fantastic attitude.


Do you enjoy carving a Halloween

Jack-o-lantern, or decorating a seasonal gourd?

Join us this October for our annual pumpkin tattooing!

We'll be hand decorating pumpkins with art of your choice using traditional hand poking tattoo methods.

No experience required.

18 and up.

Materials and refreshments provided.


We've been working on a low cost and fun way to bring you those Golden Sage shop t-shirts you've been asking us for.

About time right!?

We decided the coolest and most economical way to bring these around is to have an


And guess what... you can print your's by hand! We'll provide the shirt and pass on only the cost of the shirt from the manufacturer to you. We've got our logo and art all prepared on silk screening screens, dyes, and everything else you'll need to pop in and "pull the print".

You can take it right home with you with care instructions, or we'll dry it and set it for you to pick up.

Want a shirt but cant make it to our print sesh,

we'll do a pre-order and have a shirt ready made for you to pick up in studio another day.

Just in time for holiday gifts!

Combine your personally printed t- with our new Golden Sage Gift Cards


Haven't heard of our super awesome side project yet? It even has its own website.

Healing Canvas Project is a tattoo and mental health focused photography exhibit showcasing the empowering stories and  human canvas beneath the art. AND, not only can you attend the exhibit, but you can sign up to be a part of it!

See the website for details and more info.



Hello ART-trapenours!

Golden Sage is hosting an independent contractor/self employed Arts Based Business buisness-card social.

Bring your professional artist business cards, mingle, share what you do and make some new art community connections.

Don't work as an artist, ask a local artisan you know for a few cards and pass them out for someone else that could use the support and can't make it!

We will have tasty treats and liquids.

Young PoetS


Were totally just chilling, ordering take out, and making cool origami.

More details coming soon:


Botany Illustration Scavenger Hunt Adventure!

Grab your sketch pad, and your walking shoes.

Its like a traditional scavenger hunt. We'll give you a list of things to find. Heres the catch. you have to illustrate them!

Were keeping it local and out doors, and not judging your art. Bring your team. Bring back your sketch book to the shop. Groups with sketches of all the found plant items on the list will be entered into a drawing to win a prize.

Stop and smell the roses, and bring your friends. Were adding one dollar to a Golden Sage Gift Card for every person that participates  in the scavenger hunt for the prize drawing.

All ages are encouraged to participate, however you still must be 18 to be tattooed if you win the gift cert.


Stay tuned for details on a hip youth poetry event we'll be putting together soon!

for Teens


We've got a political agenda. Its putting power behind your voice. Not all voices speak with words, so were hosting a workshop to inspire you to speak up and reach out with art.

Were making art based political propaganda posters


 making sure what's important to you is heard and shared with the people we've put in power.

More details to come:


Since we can't teach all of you too tattoo, we're going to be having a group flash designing class. We'll teach you the basic traditional way to prepare and display street shop style tattoo designs. This event is geared towards teens 15-19 interested in tattoo design, that would like some basic instruction on translating their artwork into tattoo art.

More details to come:



The 2019 Philly Tattoo Convention is just around the corner.

If you haven't been to the largest tattoo convention in the US yet, you'll want to stop by and say hello!

Were looking forward to attending again this year.

Details to follow:

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