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Apprentice Tattoo Info

What's the deal with Apprentice Tattoos?

Apprentices have the need to practice technical skills and build up both a portfolio and clientele.

Opting to get a tattoo done by a Tattoo Apprentice helps them to gain professional experience, practice tattoo application, strengthen designing skills, and have a strong well-balanced foundation for their career development as they complete their apprenticeships. 

Apprentice Tattoos are available to the public at lower rates/cost than established artists, and usually at a sooner availability while they gain experience in certain critical skills.

Please see here below for a list of tattoo design criteria that is eligible to be completed by a current Tattoo Apprentice.

Check out our Apprentice's work!

and contact them for scheduling and availability.

Line work

-Black Linework designs up to 8.5x11
-Illustrative works including line texture and stipple work.

Black Fill

-Small areas of black fill

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